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Heating cord connection to ATR244-12ABC

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Heating cord connection to ATR244-12ABC

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We aquired a controller ATR244-12ABC and we are trying to connect a flexible heating cord from Selecta with two connecting wires ( ... os-1000781). Could you indicate the corresponding connection positions based on the wiring diagram numbers? We tried to connect it on numbers 1 and 4.
However, something is off because the temperature goes up when the setpoint is lower than the measured temperature.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
Pixsys tecnico 6
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Re: Heating cord connection to ATR244-12ABC

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Good morning,
The flexible heating cord must be connected to pins 4-5 for the heating function.
The connection have be as follows:
From pin 1 of the thermoregulator go to pin 4.
From Pin 5 connect to the heating cord.
From pin 2 of the thermoregulator connect to the second wire of the heating cord.

Best regards
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