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Grounde Sensor Inputs - ATR142

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Grounde Sensor Inputs - ATR142

Post by EDGARD »


I accidentally grounded the sensor inputs 10 and 12.
I am using a 3-wire PT-100 probe.

The reason is that I used a panel mounted 3-pole socket that had one pole galvanically connected to the chassis and which is connected to earth.

This lead to a behaviour whereby at startup of the ATR142 I saw negative temperature slowly rising to process temperature but never reaching it.

I have rectified the issue but the ATR142 still behaves erratic and is not showing the correct/stable temperature.

I guess grounding pin 10/12 has fried the input circuitry.

Is there any way this can be repaired? Is there some circuit diagram available to show which component might have been damaged?

Much appreciate any help provided.

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Re: Grounde Sensor Inputs - ATR142

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Hi Edgard,
If the ATR142 has a damaged input, you can ask your reseller to perform an RMA at the following link:

Our RMA office will check your RMA request and will or will not allow the repair. If the repair costs exceed the value of the product, the RMA procedure will probably be rejected because it is not convenient.

Best Regards.
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