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[ATR144]Auxiliary for job distribution on the command output

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[ATR144]Auxiliary for job distribution on the command output

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This application allows you to distribute the command on relay Q1 and Q2. When the output command on contact Q1 is active it will alternate with Q2 for the time set on parameter P_70.[A1dE] using a time base of minutes. In addition, digital input 1 is used to make the season change.

ATR144-12ABC I/O Connections:
PIN 1-2 --> Power supply
PIN 4-5 --> Q1 relay used for actuator 1
PIN 6-7 --> Q2 relay used for actuator 2 (alternating with Q1 for the time set on P_70 and when activating the ATR144 shows the custom message set on parameter P_72)
PIN 8-9 --> Digital input 1 for season change (open=heating, closed=cooling)
PIN 10-11-12 --> PT100 probe input
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