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ATR121 E -2

Posted: 08/12/2023, 10:40
by Dirk
Dear Sir or Madam

The ATR 121 controller displayed the following error message: E -2

We know that this display means that the ambient temperature has fallen below the permissible value. When the environment warms up again, the controller automatically switches back on from approx. -2°C - 0°C.

Is it possible to change the alarm value?
If so, is this possible for us or does it have to be done in your factory?

Re: ATR121 E -2

Posted: 11/12/2023, 8:56
by Pixsys tecnico 1
the ATR121 thermocouple compensation works from 0°C to 50°C so this is a limitation of the controller.
I suggest you to use a differente type of probe, like a NTC (-40 .. 120°C) or a PT100 (-200 .. 600 °C).

Re: ATR121 E -2

Posted: 11/12/2023, 11:01
by Dirk
Thank you very much for your answer.
We have connected a PT100 sensor and placed the ATR 121 controller with sensor in a refrigerator at -20°C. Here too, the controller with the PT100 displays the error message E -2.
Is it possible to adjust the E -2 alarm?

We have just placed an older ATR 121 (approx. 5 years old) in our cool box at -31°C for testing, it does not display the error message E-2, it displays -31°C. Has the software or the alarm message for E-2 been reprogrammed? The ATR121 controls the cooling/heating of an air conditioning system, e.g. at -20°C ambient temperature (also for the controller) the air conditioning system is started, then the controller should control the heating. Unfortunately this does not work because the E-02 error occurs, but it does work with older controls.

The older controller that works has software version 3.05, the new one that does not work has version 7.07.
What can we do?