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ATR244-23BC-T Output Control and Display Screen

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ATR244-23BC-T Output Control and Display Screen

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I have two questions regarding an ATR244 controller:

1.) I am trying to perform an Ab.diF between A1 and A2, which are reading two K-type thermocouples and display the delta T on the controller screen. I have accomplished this much using LabSoftView, however my next step is to produce an output to an external relay when my setpoint is reached. I have explored many options in LabSoftView and cannot produce this functionality. The only success I've had is with the 0-10V and 4-20nA outputs, which remain active unconditionally and independent of the setpoint condition being met. What are the recommended steps to produce an analog output when a setpoint is met?

2.) My controller screen was consistently displaying readouts, setpoints etc. but now the screen is no longer displaying anything and seems to be in some sort of a sleep mode. only activating when the "SET" button is pressed or when a setpoint is reached. Is this an power issue or a programming issue? If so, how can I remedy this problem?

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