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Posted: 06/03/2022, 20:45
by user8161

Would need a bit of help in configuring ATR244-12ABC, which I have not got properly to work. I want to use the controller in a heating process.

*Keep room temperature 5 ± 1 °C

System components
*Pt100 temperature sensor
*Actuator ESBE ARA661 (120s, 6 Nm)
*Controller ATR244-12ABC
*Supply water temperature 70-80 °C

So, I have already configured the program as I would understand it should meet the goal requirements, but in reality:
*it keeps the real temperature always 4 °C lower than the set target
*if needed the closing of actuator ESBE ARA661 is fast
*opening of the actuator ESBE ARA661 is very slow (very seldom impulses after very long time)

Probably I have a failure in program or have misunderstood something. I would appreciate if somebody could take a look of the program. I have uploaded screenshot of the program, as-well the .atr itself (in a zip container).

Thank you for your help!

Re: ATR244

Posted: 07/03/2022, 9:29
by Pixsys tecnico 6
I noticed in the Par.45 a delay at the command output. Why was it inserted? I recommend that you return it to "0" for greater adjustment accuracy.
By setting the Par.35 to "c.val" you will have the opening in the output Q1 and the closing in the output Q2.
You could set Par.79 to "ENAb" so that it has modulation above the set point.
The Par.78 set to "1" means to have a dead band +/- 1 C in which the thermoregulator does not perform any adjustment if inside this band (from the set setpoint).
the rest of the parameters seem correct.

Best Regards

Re: ATR244

Posted: 27/03/2022, 11:12
by user8161
Dear Pixsys tecnico 6,

thank you very much for your input and sorry for late reply. I followed your suggestions and in overall system started to work like I hoped.

*Par.45: I inserted the delay as initally I thought this will somewhat make the system more "stable". Now it is back to "0"
*Par.35: this was also initially c.vAL.
*Par.79: I changed it to "ENaB". I believe this was the main reason my system did not work initially !?
*Par.78: Dead band of ± 1 °C. This maybe needs a bit of additional discussion. I will explain below.

So, like I started the system works good at the moment. However, I would like to get it even more precise if possible. Just to give you a bit more background on the application. I am heating the greenhouse and I have just plastic tubing on the aisle (not inside the ground, just on the aisle ground and I am controlling the air temperature). I want to keep the air temperature in the greenhouse as stable as possible, which is around +5 °C (let´s assume the outside weather temperature is always below the target, so no additional cooling needed, only heating processes) . What happens with current system configuration is that the room will be heated up to +5 °C and then it cools down to +3 °C and starts to warm up again in direction of +5 °C. Although, I have set dead band ± 1 °C. Should I set dead band to 0 ? Anything else to change ? I don´t have experience how precise system could I expect at all due to inertia of processes and this kind of application ?

I appreciate your help. Thank you!

*I upload also the current configuration of the ATR244-12ABC controller.

Re: ATR244

Posted: 28/03/2022, 9:53
by Pixsys tecnico 6
The dead band you could try to remove, then set it to "0" and in case the valve moves too much set a small dead band for example of "0.5" or smaller to see if it improves the adjustment.
I remind you that setting for example "0.1°C" of dead band and 5°C of setpoint, the valve will not perform any command from 4.9°C to 5.1°C
The Par.73 is set in "Auto", this means that the Par.75-76 will be set automatically by the ATR244.
You can try to set it to "diSAb" and set the Par.75 to "10" and 76 to "0" and verify if it works better.

Best Regards