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[ATR244-12ABC] - heating /cooling + analog out couling

Posted: 01/03/2022, 16:16
by jeroenV
I wont to use a [ATR244-12ABC] to controle 2 valves
- for heating i just need to open or close a contactor

But for cooling i need a Analogue output signal to control my proportional valve

Is this possible?

Re: [ATR244-12ABC] - heating /cooling + analog out couling

Posted: 03/03/2022, 10:30
by Pixsys tecnico 6
Good morning,
Yes, it is possible
The regulation of the first valve (hot) will be in the output Q1 (4-5) in ON-OFF. For the second valve (cold) will be carried out by the analogue output in 4-20mA or 0-10V.
Try to set the following parameters:
Group A []
- Par.1 [SEn.1] > Analogue input configuration

Group B [cMd.1] (cool)
- Par.35 [c.ou.1] > "c.4-20" or "c.0-10"
- Par.38 [Ac.t.1] > "cooL"

Group E [rEG.1] (PID)
- Par.75 [P.b.1] "10"°C Ex: By setting 10°CC, the modulation band will be 10°C on top of the set setpoint (only for the cold).

Group G [AL.1] (Heat)
- Par.123 [AL.1.F] > "Ab.uP.A" Absolute Upper Activation. Absolute referred to the process
- Par.126 [A.1.S.o] > "N.c.St." Normally closed, active at start

Set this way, you will have two thresholds, one for the heat (AL.1) and one for the cold (You find it below the read temperature). With the SET button you will find the AL.1 threshold associated with the Q1 output for hot weather.

Best Regards