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[ATR144]Two flame boiler management

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[ATR144]Two flame boiler management

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This application allows to control a 2-flame burner with a single control setpoint (e.g. 250°C). The flames will ignite in sequence as the temperature drops and will go out above the control setpoint. The probe used is a PT100.

The parameters apply to an initial default situation. (password 9999 for instrument reset)
Control setpoint 250 °C
AL1 setpoint = 15°C (auxiliary intervention setpoint in deviation below the control setpoint)
Once the correct functioning of the burner has been verified, the end user can inhibit the setpoint of AL1 by setting the parameter P_70.[A.1.S.P.] = "hide". In this way the end user will display only the control setpoint, useful for water temperature control.

Above 250°C flames off, contacts Q1 and Q2 open. (setpoint 1)
As the temperature drops:
A. 245°C = flame 1 lights, relay Q1 closes (5°C range settable by parameter P_20.[c.Hy.1])
B. 235 °C = flame 2 also ignites, relay Q2 closes (AL1 setpoint parameter, "control setpoint - AL1 setpoint = flame ignition 250-15=235).
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