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[ATR243] [ATR142] Two flame boiler management

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[ATR243] [ATR142] Two flame boiler management

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This application allows you to control a tank and manage the 2 flames with a single setpoint command (eg 250 ° C). The flames will light up in sequence as the temperature drops and will go out above the command setpoint. The probe used is a PT100.

The parameters apply to an initial default situation. (password 9999 for instrument reset)

Parameters list:
1.[C.out] = “c.01”
2.[SEn] = “pt”
15.[c.Hy] = “5” --> hysteresis value for flame 1 on Q1. (can be increased or decreased according to plant requirements)
23.[AL.1] = “L.d.AL.” --> flame action mode 2 on Q2
28.[A.1.Hy]= “15” --> hysteresis of the second flame for Q2 action. NB During the temperature rise phase, in order to have the second flame extinguished above 250°C (control setpoint), the hysteresis must be equal to the setpoint of AL1. If the hysteresis is lower, the flame will go out before reaching the nominal value of the command setpoint.
29.[A1.dE]= “5” -->seconds delay for ignition of flame 2 (optional)

Control set point 250 °C
Setpoint of AL1 = 15°C (auxiliary intervention setpoint in lower deviation from the control setpoint)

Once the correct functioning of the boiler is accurate, it can be decided to inhibit the end user from using the AL1 setpoint by setting parameter 30.[A.1.S.P.]="hide". In this way, the end user will only see the command setpoint, useful for adjusting the water temperature.

How it works:
Above 250°C flames off.
When the temperature drops:
A. 245°C = flame 1 lights up (range of 5°C settable by parameter 15)
B. 235 °C = flame 2 is also lit (parameter of the setpoint of AL1, "command setpoint - setpoint of AL1 = flame ignition 250-15=235).

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