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[ATR244-12ABC] Manual Control Output 0-10V

Posted: 11/03/2019, 14:09
by Pixsys tecnico 6
This application allows you to manually set the 0-10V output (PIN 9-10) and show its value on the display.

1. Short-circuit PIN 18-19 if you only want to manually control the 0-10V output by displaying the internal temperature of the instrument. Otherwise, connect the probe and manually configure parameter 1.[SEn.1] for correct reading of the probe after performing step 2.
2.Load the attached configuration file through the MyPixsys App, available from the Android Play Store. If you do not have an Android phone with NFC, follow the parameters in the attached PDF file.
3.Connect the actuator control to PIN 9-10. For example, the 0-10V command for an inverter.
Power the instrument from 24V to 230V AC or DC (PIN 1-2).

How it works:
White Display: Shows the internal temperature of the device.
Red Display: Shows the opening percentage of 0-10V with decimal point.
SET button: if pressed twice, it is possible to access the "outP" section and set the 0-10V opening percentage using the (Up/Down) keys.
FNC key: If pressed, it allows you to switch from Manual to Automatic mode. In Automatic mode, the 0-10V output will be managed according to the set control parameters. In this mode, the setpoint inserted adjusts the output 0-10 according to the process value of the probe and according to the PID parameters set.
Best regards.