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[ATR244-23A-T]Proportional Reg. using a valve feedback.

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[ATR244-23A-T]Proportional Reg. using a valve feedback.

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This application allows you to make a Proportional regulation with 4-20mA output and to use the second analog input to display the feedback signal of the valve.

I/O connections:
Power supply (PIN 1-2): 24V AC or DC.
AI1 (PIN 26-27-28): PT100 probe for supply temperature reading.
AI2 (PIN 15-18 or PIN 17-18 for passive or active 4-20mA loop): 4-20mA valve feedback signal
AO1 (PIN 10-11): 4-20mA output for Proportional regulation, to be connected to the valve command

1. Connect all of the above I/Os.
2. Upload the attached configuration file via the MyPixsys App, available from the Android Play Store. If you do not have an Android phone with NFC, go directly to the next step and manually enter the parameters of the attached PDF file.
3. Turn on the instrument.

How it works:
The proportional band (parameter P_75.[p.b. 1]="10") is centred on the control setpoint and regulates the 4-20mA output (AO1) according to the temperature read by the PT100 (AI1), with a heating action. The white display shows the temperature read by the PT100. The red display shows the valve feedback (expressed in %) of the 4-20mA signal input on the controller (AI2).
Pressing the SET key you can adjust the control setpoint with the UP/DOWN keys.
Best regards.
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