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ATR444-13ABC connection diagrams for S-type thermocouple

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ATR444-13ABC connection diagrams for S-type thermocouple

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Good morning,
I purchased an ATR444-13ABC thermoregulator.
I would like to connect a thermocouple temperature sensor to the analog input AI1 of the controller.
The thermocouple model is type S, with two wires, one red and the other white.
Could you tell me how to connect it and the configuration parameters to enter?
Thank you.
Pixsys tecnico 7
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Re: ATR444-13ABC connection diagrams for S-type thermocouple

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Good morning,
Below are the connections for type S thermocouple required:
input / terminal 16 - red wire "+"
input / terminal 17 - white wire "-"
For any extensions, use compensated cable and clamps suitable for the
thermocouple used (compensated).

Subsequently, to log in and in order to modify the configuration parameters, proceed as follows:
press "FNC" for 3 seconds;
enter the password "1234";
press "FNC" again to confirm;
use the two arrows to scroll through the parameter groups;
press "SET" to allow modification of the selected parameter;
use the arrows to change its ownership;
press "SET" again to confirm the change;

Below are the configuration parameters to modify to select the required probe:
GROUP Parameters A1 - [] - Analog input 1
Par. 1 [SEn.1] = tc. S

To simplify the operation we suggest you to download "MyPixsys" APP which, via NFC communication, will allow to view and modify the setting parameters from your mobile phone or tablet.
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