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PLC TCT500 Is not recognized

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PLC TCT500 Is not recognized

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Hello, good afternoon, I have a problem with a TCT500, when entering with the PL.Prog4.75 software and trying to communicate with the PLC the message that appears is "Device does not answer", I have verified that the cable is in good condition. status because I have tried it with another device and it works. I have also tried updating firmware as indicated in viewtopic.php?t=2483, but I cannot connect to the PLC, some other solution?
I also see in the software an "Upgrade Boot Version" option, can that function be useful?
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Re: PLC TCT500 Is not recognized

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are you using a native RS232 or an USB-RS232 converter? If you use a converter, please check in the converter driver settings to configure the transmit delay as as lower as possible.
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