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[DeviceFinder] DeviceFinder utility description

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[DeviceFinder] DeviceFinder utility description

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The DeviceFinder utility, available from here , is an application to be launched on the development PC that allows you to scan your network and identify all connected Pixsys programmable systems.
In addition to this function, useful to understand the IP address of the PLC / HMI connected, from the main tab "Device" you can select one of the devices in the list and perform these operations:

Main tab "Device"
- Connect to the device's VNC service to view its interface remotely (VNCviewer will automatically start on your PC)- Connect to your device's FTP server to access internal files (WINSCP will automatically start on your PC)- Start a TELNET session (only for Windows CE-based devices)- Start an SSH session (only for Debian Linux-based devices)- Connect to your device's Java WebServer for view its interface remotely (only for Win CE-based devices)- Connect to the device's HTML5 WebServer to view its interface remotelySez.

- With "DOWNLOAD FILE LOG <-- PLC" you get a text file with the PLC code listing, to analyze any system errors that occurred during the execution of the downloaded project (only for devices based on the SoftPLC LogicLab)- With "DELETE PLC COCE" stops the execution of the PLC and deletes the program running on the device, useful in case the downloaded code causes the PLC to freeze (only for devices based on the SoftPLC LogicLab)- With "KILL PLC/HMI and VIEW DESKTOP", the execution of the SoftPLC and the graphical interface on the selected HMi is interrupted, and VNC is started for the display of the system desktop (only for operator panels based on Windows CE)- With "SEND DATE/TIME PC --> DEVICE" the time of the device is updated, aligning it with that of the PC in use- With "REBOOT DEVICE" you restart the selected device

Tab "IP_Device"
- With "READ IP CONFIGURATION" you can see the network adapter setting of the selected device. From this tab it is also possible to modify this configuration and then apply it with "WRITE IP CONFIGURATION".NB: in PLCs where the IP/DHCP address configuration dip-switch is present, in order for the values displayed on this card to be modifiable, it is necessary that the DIPs "192.168.0.x" and "DHCP" are OFF (make this change with plc off, then turn it on).

Tab "Backup/Restore"
From this tab you can perform several operations to create Backup and Restore files of projects and the entire system (only for Windows CE-based devices).

Tab "Upgrade Device"
From this tab you can upgrade/restore the operating system and runtime. Press the "Download now" button to download the package that contains the latest version available. Once the operation is completed, select from the drop-down menu "INST-->
HMI model to update" and then press "Send Upgrade to device" confirming the popup that appears. Wait for the operation finish pop-up and turn the device off/on as instructed.
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