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[ATR244-12ABC] general temp settings

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[ATR244-12ABC] general temp settings

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Hello. I have ATR244-12ABC.
In user manual it is written often like:
Par 74 Setpoint Deviation Tune 1, 0-10000 [digit...] (degrees.tenths for temp.sensors). Default: 30.0.
Does this mean setting value is 30.0 or 3.0? To me degrees.tenths is 1/10 of the expressed value.
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Re: [ATR244-12ABC] general temp settings

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Good morning,
The default value is 30.0 which means 30 degrees. 3.0 is 3 degrees.
This is for temperature sensors.
The display of the decimal point depends on the setting of the parameters sen.1 and d.p.1 or sen.2 and d.p.2.

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