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ATR621 - move to next cycle

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ATR621 - move to next cycle

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I just started using the ATR621 with my kiln for slumping glass.

I have a program where the first cycle takes my kiln up to temperature over 1,5 hours.

The next cycle holds it there for 5,5 hours. Most of the time, I need to progress to the next step (slight cool) before the time is up. How do I force the controller to move to the next cycle?

The manual states that the up (^) button will do this, but when I press it, nothing seems to happen except the controller making a noise.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: ATR621 - move to next cycle

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Good morning,
ATR621 is programmable up to 15 cycles and 45 steps.
By cycle I mean that you want to go from cy.1 to cy.2, but I think you actually want to go through the next step.
To advance in the next step you have to press the up buttom, as described in the following image.
Or, use a button connected to the ATR621 digital input, and set "Step" (see image below) to advance to the next step with a pulse.
To advance to the next cycle, set "" (see image below) and always with the use of a button you can advance to the next cycle with a pulse.
Only one of the two functions can be set to the digital input.
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