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[CNV510-PNET-RTU] Use Pixsys devices with PROFINET PLC

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[CNV510-PNET-RTU] Use Pixsys devices with PROFINET PLC

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User guide for editing and generating the Pixsys devices GSD file to import to Siemens TIA Portal/STEP7 and use with PROFINET PLCs: how to make the MODBUS RTU registers of Pixsys PID Controller available on a Profinet network using the CNV510-PNET-RTU-A device

1. Login to Download Area and check CNV510 Software, download and install "CNV510_PNET_RTU_A_SW67602" software. Use the software to configure the CNV510-PNET-RTU-A device and generating the GSD file.
If you want to configure a new GSD file, please refer to the step-by-step guide attached below, otherwise proceed to the next step to use pre-compiled GSD projects.
2.Extract and copy the contents of the following folders to the software installation location to make available examples of GSD file mapping:
-Process Value
-Comand Setpoint available to read or write it
-Start and Stop PID Controller
-Process Value
-Comand Setpoint available to read or write
MCM260X 1AD, 2AD, 3AD, 4AD
-Digital Input reading
-Digital Output writing
-Probe 1 process value
-Probe 2 process value
-Process Value
-Totalizer value
-Alarm 1 and 2 value
-Reset Totalizer command available

3. If you want to edit the GSD file to add/remove Modbus registers or communication parameters, open the SW67602 software and follow the procedure or the video tutorial.
NB for the Modbus registers list always refer to the user guide of the device
STEP1: Rename or New project name.
STEP2: Set the PROFINET communication parameters, including the IP Address, Name of the Station will be visible from TIA
Check "Polling when PROFINET OK" flag. Enabling this last option, the converter will query the slave node
only if PROFINET communication is OK.
In the Modbus RTU part it is possible to insert all the data of the RS485 serial line, especially the parameter of
time out before considering a modbus node offline.
STEP3: Insetrt the Modbus Registers and slave node that you want to check.
STEP4: Save the XML file that you can use for the import by TIA Portal/STEP7 using the GSD file.
STEP5: Download the device configuration using the Ethernet port.
Example Video Tutorial:

4. To import the GSD file into TIA Portal and configure the module follow the video tutorial procedure.
Example Video Tutorial:
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