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[ATR244-12ABC]PID using an ID to enable heat or cooling

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[ATR244-12ABC]PID using an ID to enable heat or cooling

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This application allows you to make a PID adjustment with automatic tuning and make a selection of the type of adjustment (heat or cooling) through the digital input of the instrument.

I/O connections:
Power supply (PIN 1-2): from 24V to 230V AC or DC.
AI1(PIN 17-18-19): PT100 probe for temperature reading
DI(PIN 14-16): Digital input to define the operation of the control. Closed=cooling, Open=heat
Q1(PIN 4-5): heat/cooling actuator connection

1. Connect all of the above I/Os.
2. Upload the attached configuration file via the MyPixsys App, available from the Android Play Store. If you do not have an Android phone with NFC, go directly to the next step and manually enter the parameters of the attached PDF file.
3. Turn on the instrument.
4. Define by digital input the type of regulation.
5. Reboot the device and auto-tune it to optimize the PID parameters.

How it works:
Depending on the type of operation seted by ID (heat or cooling), the regulator ATR244-12ABC will activate the contact Q1 more or less near the setpoint according to the request of the PID. In the passage of the season it is useful to repeat the Autotuning procedure described in point 4.
In case of PID control on SSR, change the parameter P_35[c.ou.1]="c.SSr" and lower the cycle time to the parameter P_82[c.t.1] according to the needs of the plant. In this configuration the controller will use the output DO1 (PIN 12-15 PNP type) and will supply voltage (12V) each time the PID requires power.

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