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[ATR902] Wiring controller

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[ATR902] Wiring controller

Post by user15119 »

I have doubts about how to wire the controller.

1_ Neutral
2_ Neutral
3_ Thermocouple +
4_ Thermocouple -
5_ Power supply (phase)
6_ Control output (phase)
7_ Aux output (phase)
8_ Not Connected

With the thermocouble I don´t have problems, but I don´t have idea how I can wire the current 220v/60Hz and How can I wire the rele for the resisteances.

The outputs 6 and 7 will give an output of 8A and 230v?
Can I use 6 and 7 at the same time? (for gain more current 16A and 230v)
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Re: [ATR902] Wiring controller

Post by Pixsys tecnico 6 »

use the pin 5-1 to connect the power suply.(pin 5 phase and 1 neutral). The pin 6 is the command control output (phase) to connect your resiteance.The pin 7 is the Aux, if you want to use it, you must configure the parameters n°23 (Alarm 1).
The ATR902 output (pin 5-7) working max 1A. If you want to use 8A you must to connect an external power relè.
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Re: [ATR902] Wiring controller

Post by user17769 » per my knowledge it appears then that they are using a 2 wire +24 volt signal from the controller to go to the key switch. Turning the key off would interrupt the +24v and turn off power. the +24 volt lines at the controller show that they are likely green and yellow. Depending on your controller these 2 wires will go to red & blue or red & black connector. If you have a volt meter you should be able to measure resistance across the green/yellow at the throttle while switching the key.

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