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[ATR121] as simple indicator

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[ATR121] as simple indicator

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Can I use the ATR121 as simple indicator ? No command output is required, just sensor reading and display
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Re: ATR121

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First of all select the proper sensor type on parameter 2 "sen"

To avoid the clicking of relays , set the parameter 28 "Fnc" as "vIS" : this option will deactivate both relay outputs and the unit will operate as simple indicator.
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Re: ATR121 as simple indicator

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Can ATR121 do this:
At start up start to heat up till 60C ( with on/off ) and after reaching this set point ( 60C) turns off output and goes down till lowest outside temperature ( by us -25C ).
With big hysteresis i can not get it, because if i turn the device on and the outside temperature ( ~ 20C ) in this case is in range = setpoint ( 60C) - hysteresis ( 50C ), then the output is off, and wait for lower temperature to turn it on! If outside temperature ( ~20C) is out of range = setpoint ( 60C) - hysteresis ( 30C ), then controller turns on output and start to heat!

I need to make process: independent of process temperature after turning the controller on, it starts to heat and is going to reach the set point! ( without PID ). And after reaching the setpoint turns off, and no matter, how low it goes,it doesnt turn on!
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